Welcome to another extra episode of LINOLEUM KNIFE, an ongoing series where we take one movie, watch it and talk for the entire running time. You could call it a commentary if you want. It’s sort of like a commentary. Not the Mystery Science Theatre 3000 kind. That’s someone else’s job.

It’s more like an extra episode of the podcast where we dig into a film we love — in this case 1985′s Clue — and bring you facts and opinions and digressions and heavy insight into the nature of cult films, who decides what a movie’s legacy will be, the legitmate use of board games as launching pads for the art of comedy and the progressive strangeness of Kanye West — if that’s where the conversation leads. And it did lead to that.

Also, you pay us for it. Cheap money. $1.99, which is not much for the extreme entertainment and occasional factual inaccuracy you’re going to hear.

Eventually we’ll have a site to host these things, provided people keep wanting them. But for now it will work like this:

1. You give us $1.99 via PayPal (account: LinoleumPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com) Include a note with the e-mail address where you want the file sent.

2. We send you the link. You download it. You listen. You think we’re great.

3. If you don’t have a PayPal account you can email us at LinoleumPodcast [at] gmail [dot] com for other payment options. We’re not above a money order from 7-11.

4. This is the honor system. We trust you not to share it for free. If you really want one of your friends to hear it, buy one for them.



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